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Charter Expansion Approved!

March 2022

The Robert Frost Public Charter School has been approved to expand their charter to include grades 9-12!

In June of 2021, the Robert Frost Public Charter School Board of Trustees voted to pursue an amendment to their charter with the NH Department of Education.  Once approved, the proposed Charter amendment would allow the school to expand their offerings to include grades 9–12 along with their existing K-8 program. After many months spent preparing the foundation and documentation required, the NH State Board of Education unanimously approved the expansion request.

High school students at the Robert Frost Public Charter School will receive individualized education, tailored to the needs of the student utilizing a combination of Montessori principles and Project-Based Learning.

Classroom sizes will be small enough to provide focused attention while being large enough to provide diversity and understanding through the sharing of multiple experiences.

Standards for the High School Program have been set to exceed the State of New Hampshire’s requirements for graduation.  Through presenting a blended curriculum, instructors will guide each high school student along their journey from skill acquisition to mastery, similar to the presentation of curriculum in the K-8 program. 


 Extended learning and work study opportunities will be a key component to each individual path to graduation.  Collaborations with entrepreneurs, local business partners and Mount Washington Valley resources will expand horizons and offer opportunities for future growth and enlightenment.


At the Robert Frost Public Charter School, our goal is that all students become life-long learners through an intellectually rich & challenging experience that develops 21st Century Skills through a blending of Montessori tradition and Project-Based Learning. 

If this remarkable education sounds like a good fit for your high schooler, please reach out to us!   We are currently in the planning stage of this program and hope to include our future students' needs into that development process. This free education has limited space.  Please visit to begin your journey to a better education and future.

Dine to Donate

Cheese Louise hosted a dine-to-donate for Robert Frost, July 24, 2019

Community Service

June 2018

Students from Robert Frost Public Charter School, as part of a Project-Based Learning objective, created art and auctioned it off in support of three worthy causes, $141.79 for the Miranda Leavitt Diabetes Fund, $110.29 for the Red Cross (earmarked for Rohingya Relief), and $63.02 for the Snow Leopard Trust.

Robert Frost Charters
A New School Year

September 2020

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May the 4th be with you Celebration

May 4, 2019

As a spring fundraising event, the students and staff invited the community to celebrate Star Wars Day with games, themed food, costumes and crafts.  There was also a Galaxy Sized Raffle with prizes donated from over 100 local businesses.

National Junior Honor Society

Posted March 7, 2017


The Robert Frost Public Charter School (RFPCS) recently inducted seven students into the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) at a ceremony held at the community room at Granite State College.  These students include sixth graders Elizabeth Blair, Ceili Mahoney, Rian McNevich, Erin Ohlenbusch, Eli Schor, and Aaron Zakon.  Eighth grader Nicholas Zakon was also inducted.  The seven students will hold the honor of being the first RFPCS members in the school’s inaugural NJHS year.

Harvest Festival

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Robert Frost held its second annual Harvest Festival, welcoming families and entertaining them with games, face painting, treats and an auction.

Harvest Festival

Saturday, October 11, 2018

The Robert Frost Public Charter School Board of Trustees sponsored the First Annual Harvest Festival, Saturday, October 27, 2018.  This event was held to raise funds to support the long term sustainability of the school.  As a public charter school, RFPCS does not charge tuition to NH residents, so supplementing the per pupil aid received by the State of NH is an important aspect of the work the Board of Trustees does for the school.

Despite the snowy weather, lots of Fall fun was had by all!  Activities included Pumpkin decorating, Pumpkin Memory, Pumpkin Pick, Guess How Many, Guess My Weight, Paper Airplane Toss, Harvest Ring Toss, Face Painting, Fall Photo Booth, Bake Sale, Crafters/Vendors and a visit from Aroma Joes!  

The Board thanks all who supported this fundraiser!

Montessori Collaborative Projects

Posted February 3, 2014


The Robert Frost Charter School (RFCS) in North Conway will host an evening with Charles Terranova, a nationally recognized Montessori Educator and speaker, on Thursday, February 6 at 5:30 PM. The event is free and open to the public. Prior to the presentation, there will be an Open House where prospective families can learn more about the RFCS, tour the classrooms and meet the school’s educators. The Open House will run from 4:30 until the 5:30 PM presentation.


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