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Our unique blended curriculum.

The Robert Frost Public Charter School provides students with a nurturing environment where each child is supported as a unique individual. Multi-age classrooms encourage older students to grow as role models and enable younger students to learn from their older peers in a way that promotes social and emotional growth as well as academic growth.

Our curriculum offers students freedom within limits. A student’s personal interests and curiosity are embraced as each child makes daily choices (within the parameters set by the educator) about which materials to work with and which subject matter to explore. Students also choose with whom to work, where to work (at a desk, table, or even the floor) and they have the freedom to move about the room as they choose. With this approach our students become empowered to make positive choices. They also develop important organizational and problem solving skills, personal responsibility, and best of all, a deep love of learning.

Watch a brief video describing our school.

The materials, projects and experiences available to students span many grade levels. The goal of the educator is to meet each child where they are and help them to move forward at their own pace, utilizing all of the resources available. When students’ needs are met and they experience success and overcome challenges on a daily basis, their confidence and independence grows. Here at Robert Frost Public Charter School every child has the opportunity to shine!

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