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Montessori Lead Teachers

The Robert Frost Public Charter School teachers will be nurturing, reflective, and creative problem solvers who are committed to the School’s Mission and Vision.

The job of the RFPCS teacher is to follow each child’s progress and create an environment where curriculum materials are made available for students to explore in an attractive, organized and progressive manner.  The educator must have extensive knowledge of the use and progression of those materials and guide students in their exploration and discovery.

Montessori Assistant Teachers

Our Assistant Teachers support Lead Teachers and students in ways that lead the children toward success, independence and the ability to work cooperatively with others. These educators know when to offer assistance, and when to step back and let self-discovery and independence happen. They trust and respect the child, so that the children will trust and respect themselves and others around them.

Classroom Aides


The primary goal of the Robert Frost Public Charter School is to help each child reach his/her full potential so that they become independent, lifelong learners who take responsibility for themselves, for their classmates and for their surrounding environment.


Physical Education/Health:  Our physical education program is geared toward building physical strength and coordination to the best of each student’s abilities, rather than competitive play.


The Health curriculum will explore the function of body systems, such as skeletal, circulatory, digestive, etc. and basic healthy practices, like proper nutrition, regular exercise, adequate rest and renewal practices.


Spanish:  All grade levels are exposed to the Spanish Language through direct instruction as well as instructional card materials.

Visual & Performing Arts:  Using individual activities and group collaborative projects, students will have daily opportunities to create and express themselves through the arts. They will have access to varied mediums and in addition, instructional card materials, books and charts will provide opportunities to study art and music from other cultures throughout history, including classical composers and master artists.  Projects and study in all academic areas will incorporate artist expression and creativity.

To apply for any position at Robert Frost Public Charter School, please email your resume, cover letter and references to

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