Lottery Enrollment Period

February 1 - March 6

*If space is available in a classroom between start of school and January 31, the space will be filled from the waitlist,

or upon receipt of application.  After that date, all new applications will be entered into the lottery for the following school year.  Special exceptions can be requested by sending a letter to the Board of Trustees. 


Lottery: If there are more applications than there are available places, by NH law, a lottery will occur.

Lottery Guidelines:


Applicants: All names of students who have submitted completed applications will be given a lottery number.

Drawing: As a student’s lottery number is drawn, the student will be admitted or placed on a waiting list, according to age and grade.


Siblings of Currently Enrolled Students. Siblings of currently enrolled students, who have completed applications during the open enrollment period, will be placed in a class prior to the lottery. If there are more siblings of currently enrolled students applying than there are available places, siblings will be placed on the sibling wait list in the order of initial family enrollment date.


Admitted Students: If a student‘s number is drawn and they meet the requirements outlined above, he or she is conditionally admitted to RFPCS. Parents of admitted students will receive enrollment paperwork and are expected to attend an orientation.


Siblings of admitted students: When a student is admitted, siblings’ names are automatically drawn. If there is space, siblings are admitted as well. If not, they will be placed on a waitlist.


Waitlisted Students: When all available spaces are filled, the student will be placed on a waitlist in the order that his or her name was drawn. If an opening occurs in a given grade, students on the wait list will be contacted according to their order on the waitlist.


Students with Individual Education Plans: Parents of students who have been conditionally admitted and have IEPs will need to set up a team meeting with the resident school district, RFPCS and themselves to determine if RFPCS is the right placement for the child.


Students who apply to RFPCS after the lottery date will be conditionally admitted only if space is available and they meet the appropriate requirements outlined above. If space is not available, they will be placed on the waitlist in the order that their completed application is received.


Confirmation of receipt of applications will be sent by email if provided.

Please ensure the email address you provide is current and legible on the application.


In the event that RFPCS receives more applications than available student slots, by law, a random public lottery will be held in March. The date will be announced to all applicants.

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